What is a Hashtag and How to Define a Hashtag on Twitter for Your Event or Business



You have heard about hashtags on Twitter but don’t really understand what they are let alone how you set one up for your event or business?

This video takes you through step by step on what is a Hashtag on Twitter, where do you find out what a hashtag means, how you register your own hash tags (and where), and then how to use this hashtag to grow your community interractions at live events or in support of your business.

In the video I ‘define’ a hash tag of #SMSH for our recent Social Media Super Hero seminars. I consider the setting up of hash tags as a more advanced Twitter training, but you can get my complete Twitter training live by joining me at the “Social Media ShortCut Seminars” – look for the hashtag #SMSC on Twitter ;-)

For full details go to:

My mission is to not just teach you social media marketing to grow your business but to give you the “ShortCut path through the maze of Social Media” getting you the maximum business results from social media marketing in the minimum amount of time!

And watch for the hashtag #SMSC spreading through out Twitter – oh and we’ll use it a lot at the events but I’ll explain more in the events.

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5 Responses to “What is a Hashtag and How to Define a Hashtag on Twitter for Your Event or Business”
  1. Zoe, I hate to admit it, but I really had no clue what the heck hashtags were all about! Thank you for ‘giving us the goods’ here. The only thing I found myself wondering about by the end of the video is what kind of conversations will be seen on #SMSH, and how quickly the buzz will be out there on it. I went straight away to your Twitter, clicked on #SMSH in one of your recent tweets, and saw just that. It will be interesting to see how this builds as the word about SMSH spreads! Thanks again for sharing and being so open with us about the real “how-to’s” of social media…ALWAYS appreciated!
    Christine Kominiak´s last [type] ..Matthew &amp Christine Kominiak Official Site

  2. Very cool Zoe… I didn’t know you could actually ‘define’ hashtags or how to go about it.
    Great tip and walk-through presentation! Thank-you!
    Nicole Peterson´s last [type] ..Failure Is Not An Option

  3. Sue Paananen says:

    Hi Zoe! I’ve used hashtags a number of times before, but I didn’t know about the tools you taught about here, or the careful search for a good one to use. Thanks!
    Sue Paananen´s last [type] ..Who Can Become a Millionaire

  4. Hey Zoe, up until now I had what I thought to be a fair idea of Twitter, but your knowledge and tips always blow me away. Thanks for the ‘gold nuggets’ here to hep me grow my business.


    Richard Johnston´s last [type] ..What Does It Mean To Be Wealthy

  5. Great post Zoe! I had a vague idea on what hash tags were. But you definitely took it to the next level.
    Thank you!

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