Today’s the Day – Here’s Your Link for Renegade Professional Launch!



I don’t usually post time senstive information but Today – April 2nd 2009 is a special day!

I’m super-excited, doing my little WOOHOO dance, about the launch of Renegade Professional TODAY.

Seriously – stop everything at 11:00am Eastern today and click on this (Early Bird) link:

You can visit the site now but it won’t be “Live” until 11am Eastern. Right now there’s a count down on the page :)
Get there early to cash in on the extras Mike and Ann have tossed into the mix…

  • First 10 registrations will receive a private one-day workshop with Ann Sieg and Mike Klingler (ohhh I seriously wish I could register again!)
  • First 25 registrations will receive a one-hour consultation from a highly trained “Super-Guide”
  • First 100 registrations will receive unreleased recordings of four (4) Super-Guide trainings
  • First 200 registrations will receive Mike Klingler’s “How I Built My First List Course”
  • EVERY registration tomorrow gets “How I Built My First List” BONUS CALL
  • And one more special bonus… info on how to get a “Free Ticket” to a live seminar hosted by Mike and Ann later this year!

So, keep this link ready and be sure to get there right at 11am Eastern

Let me know if you are fast enough to get access – so we can start masterminding working together.

Off to the launch ……. WOOHOO!



2 Responses to “Today’s the Day – Here’s Your Link for Renegade Professional Launch!”
  1. randy says:

    This is actually a question. I signed up through a different affiliate’s capture page. I am getting emails directly from Ann. I have seen other ‘systems’ where you get emails crafted by the company but sent by the person who attracted you. I feel this may be better because it gives your ‘sponsor’ credibility rather than Ann. Is there a way to do this with Ann’s system in Renegade Professional?
    Just as another question. I think the cost is $49 per month. How much does the affiliate receive of that. (ie how much will I receive if I introduce affiliates)

    Also I cannot contact the person who directed me to Ann’s system. Where can I get questions like this answered. Can I start with a different affiliate that I can have a relationship with?

  2. Zoe deLuca says:

    Hi Randy

    You have covered a number of things in this comment so I will give you a full reply via email. In a nutshell though yes, you can use the Renegade Professional training to promote “you” as the leader and still offer the affifiate products/program from Ann Sieg. In fact I encourage you to do precisely this. Renegade University, and the Professional level training, are designed to teach you to become a true leader in Internet Attraction Marketing and assist others to do the same.

    Cheers – Zoe

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