Fantastic article from the team at Twitter Power System:

How To Use Twitter When You Follow Several Thousand People

If you are looking for information on using Twitter effectively, efficiently and professionally then I highly recommend the “Twitter Power System” – you can check it out here: (and bookmark their blog it’s great information!).

Did you know what Twitter is attracting 5,000 – 10,000 new accounts every day, the average user tweets 0.97 times per day and 33.44% of all tweets begins with the @ symbol.

Mmm, very interesting, but what does this mean for most Twitter users?

At first glance, not much, but when you dig a little deeper, it’s possible to identify a few things that will make your use of Twitter more productive.  This great post by the Team at Twitter Power System shows you how to use Twitter usuage stats to make your twitter networking most effective and efficient.

How The State Of Twitter Can Help You Attract More Attention

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