Want to get free leads and free traffic for your home business from Google?

I just viewed an incredible training video by my friends, Ray and Ferny, on how to use Google to position yourself as a leader within your company, even if you’ve never sponsored a single soul.

It’s basically talking about controlling the information that is out there on the internet about you and your company, so that every time someone Google’s your name or your company name, they keep running into YOU.

This in turn, signals to your leads that you are the right person to be signing up with and attracts people who are looking to join your exact company!

The fact of the matter is that before people join a business, they will do 2 things:

1) Google your name (to make sure you are legit)
2) Google your company’s name (to make sure they are legit)

Benefit 1:  If your prospects find your websites when they do both searches, they are very likely to join your business (instead of your hot-shot diamond upline whom they find on the top 10 of Google)

Benefit 2:  You’ll attract people who are looking to join your specific opportunity and you’ll be perfectly positioned on Google as a leader for that business.

Prospects don’t get any hotter than this. Ferny and Ray explain exactly how to do this…

If you don’t watch this, you will be losing out big time because someone else is going to take those rankings from you.

Kudos to Ferny & Ray for continuing to deliver powerful training for free.  I openly admit that I am a partner with Ferny and Ray’s program but this is not about me making sales.  There’s nothing to buy at the following link just great information on getting more leads to your website.

People have made full-time incomes in this industry, doing just what this video is explaining.  I highly recommend watching the training before it’s taken down.

Cheers – Zoe

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