I received an email from Mike Dillard at Magnetic Sponsoring that I feel compelled to share.  For any of you that are building a Network Marketing or MLM business it’s time to really step into your leadership role and examine how you are positioning yourself in your sponsoring activities.

Thank you Mike for giving me permission to re-print this article – I know it will help all of you that take this information to heart and get into action.  So to Mike’s email …..

Alright, back to business…

So let’s say you’ve been advertising online.

Once someone has filled our your website form, capture page, or contacted your via email or personal message, then you should consider that an invitation for dialogue.

They approached you and your information. It was their idea. In this position, you have all the power, just as your doctor or CPA has all of the power (expertise), when you speak to them.

If you’re buying generic leads from a lead vendor, then you need to ASSUME the invitation. It will be more difficult because they won’t know who you are at this point, but you know they filled out a form looking for information about a home business. As far as they’re concerned, it was YOUR FORM.

An example of an “assumed” introduction might be this…

“Hey John, Mike Dillard here. I noticed you stopped by a website of mine this week looking for some information about a home business. How can I help you?”

Alright, now that they’ve initiated communication, our goal is to generate attraction between us and our prospect.

We want them to hunt us down and pester us until we agree to sponsor them. (Yes this is possible).

I’ve been studying human psychology for several years now, and what might surprise you, is that attraction between people isn’t really a choice, it’s a biological response.

By learning how to flip these attraction switches on within ourselves, we automatically begin to attract others.

You see people are genetically programmed to feel attraction towards others who have equal or higher levels of value and status.

Just think about your personal experiences and you’ll find this to be true…

Do doctors hang out with the crews that mow their lawn?

As a woman, are you more attracted to a man who has a higher social status level than you, no matter what he looks like?

Are you attracted to, and aspire to be someone more successful than yourself within your industry?

I know these are pretty basic scenarios, but you can extrapolate them to no end.

The bottom line is that the level of personal value and status you give yourself and demonstrate, compared to the level your prospect has, will determine if you’ll ever sponsor them.

This actually began back in our cave man days and it was crucial to our survival.

During that period in time, value and status was demonstrated by size, and physical prowess. A larger, stronger male held more value because he could fight off enemies, protect his family against predators, and bring home more food.

Females were biologically attracted to him because he meant security, stability, safety, and healthy offspring.

Other members of the tribe wanted to befriend and serve him, which allowed them to benefit from his power through association. Think of a Hollywood star and their entourage of friends.

Think of an industry expert or celebrity who provides their endorsement… Power through association.

The leader mated the most, had the most offspring, and this trend engrained itself into our very DNA over hundreds of thousands of years.

It’s no different today except for how value and status are demonstrated. Instead of physical size and ability, it’s typically through knowledge and means because you don’t have to be the biggest, baddest kid on the block just to survive anymore.

Specifically in this industry, the best way to increase your value to others is to increase your knowledge level.

Now do you think your prospects would rather work with a distributor who can teach them skills like online lead generation and attraction marketing, or someone who can’t really teach them anything at all?

The answer is obvious, so always remember that if you want to make the sponsoring process effortless, you need to increase your value to your prospects by increasing your level of knowledge and experience.

It has nothing to do with technological gadgets like auto-dialers, scripts, or lead lists.

I could give you all of those things, but if you didn’t hold any personal value in the eyes of your prospects, you would still find yourself struggling to build a team and acquire customers.

How To Generate Attraction…

In order to generate attraction at a biological level, you must use Demonstrations Of Higher Value, (DOHV’s), when you interact with your prospects.

The opposite, “Demonstrations Of Lower Value” (DOLV) are usually what occur when a newbie is trying to recruit a lead.

If you do not demonstrate that your value is equal to or greater than your prospect’s, they will not join you. Period.

Recruiting is about leadership and you must demonstrate that you are the leader through both verbal and non-verbal cues.

Here are some common Demonstrations of Higher Value you want to express:

•    Be healthy and fit. People who stay fit are more attractive. It shows self-respect and they have a more positive energy about themselves.

•    Have a good sense of fashion. Dressing with old sloppy clothes or with little fashion sense conveys a lack of social intelligence which demonstrates lower value.

•    Be comfortable with yourself. Stand or sit relaxed. You’re here, you’re confident, and in control of your world.

•    Have a sense of humor and smile. If you’re feeling like a victim, if you’re frustrated, or just pissed at the world, get over it. People don’t want that kind of energy around them. It doesn’t bring value or benefit them in any way. Smile and have fun. It’s attractive.

•    Don’t be needy. This is a common theme throughout this course. A man or woman of high value is comfortable with who they are as a person and where they’re at in life. It’s important to feel and convey this sense of abundance. When you’re emotionally attached to a specific outcome, prospects pick up on it and perceive you as a low value person.

•    Be unaffected by others. Don’t react to people’s emotional tests or try to impress them. The person trying to impress the other is always perceived to be the one of lower status. Don’t seek attention for attention’s sake, validation, or understanding. You are a leader. You get attention naturally without seeking it.

•    Speak to others with volume and confidence. Play the Cd’s in the course over and over again and listen to HOW Mark and I sound when we talk. You’ll hear a calm, caring confidence.

•    Always be the one to lead interactions and conversations.

I’m sure that if you think about what I’ve shared with you today, that you’ll recognize the role this human dynamic plays in your life on a daily basis…

And in fact, I’d like to share a little test with you right now that’s also in the Magnetic Sponsoring Course.

Do this TODAY.

Next time you’re walking around at lunch or on an errand… ANYWHERE… make eye contact with a stranger who’s walking toward you.

If YOU break eye contact with them, then we need to work on your sponsoring skills.

If you can maintain eye contact with strangers until they look away, then you’re probably doing pretty well in this industry.

That simple test is an indicator of your current confidence and leadership levels.

If You Fail The Test…

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Thanks Mike – you really have said it all and your Black Belt Recruiting program is the best sponsoring training resource available.

Have an Awesome Day – Zoe