No doubt by now you have heard about “The Best Job in the World” campaign run by Tourism Queensland to promote our beautiful State, and specifically the islands of the Great Barrier Reef.  Over 34,000 entrants competed for what was billed as the World’s Best Job – 6 months living in a luxurious villa on Hamilton Island, promoting the Great Barrier Reef and being paid $150,000.

The winner was announced today and my name wasn’t called but I still have definitely come out a winner – let me explain.  English entrant Ben Southall actually won the  Tourism Queensland’s ‘Best Job in the World’ promotion but I feel so much more fortunate.  You see I already have ‘The Best Job in The World’ and not just for a 6 month contract.

Granted my ‘Best Job in the World’ is not in fact a ‘Job’ in the traditional sense of the word.  I work for myself running our Internet Marketing business.  Like Ben however I get to live in a beautiful part of Queensland and to share this with others through blogging and video marketing.  Unlike Ben, I get to do this when and how I please with the freedom to travel to any other part of the World that I like. I set my own agenda and work timetable and answer only to my Family.

I’m not guaranteed $150,000 pay over the next 6 months, in fact I’m not ‘guaranteed’ any income.  Instead I get to determine my income based on my productivity and effectiveness in internet marketing.  Unlike Ben however, if I do an extraordinary ‘job’ I get paid more – much more.  If Ben does an incredible job he’ll get some publicity (perhaps) and greater exposure for his employer.

It was amazing to me to watch the lengths that some of the contestants/applicants went to in order to secure the “Best Job in The World” – everything from blogging, video marketing, tatoos (fake apparently) to riding the London Tube in full scuba gear. All to live in a beautiful location and be paid to promote their Island home for 6 months.

Daily I offer others the opportunity to design their own life and lifestyle.  The opportunity to potentially make $300,000 per year or substantially more.  The opportunity to live in the most beautiful place on Earth – wherever that may be for them.  The opportunity to be their own boss, decide their own hours and chose what they do each day.  The opportunity to travel to exotic locations or stay at home with their family – or a mix of the two. All while inspiring others to live the life of their dreams and being rewarded for doing so.  Yet I don’t get 34,000 applications a year with people climbing over each other, and going to extraordinary lengths, to be selected to join our team. Why is that?

Simple,  those looking for “The Best Job in The World” are looking for the perceived security of, well, a job.  Somebody else handing out the money, somebody else telling them what to do and somebody else taking the responsibility.  In return they are prepared to live by somebody else’s rules and trade not just time, but their freedom, for dollars.

To the true Entrepreneurs of this World I offer an alternative – Lifestyle, Freedom and Financial Rewards of your own business. There are less Entrepreneurs than job seekers and I will receive far fewer applications than Tourism Queensland did, but the ones that lodge their application with us have the potential to achieve so much more.

While the “Best Job in The World” was a very clever marketing campaign to increase tourism revenue it has reinforced to me how fortunate I am to live the life that I do.  I’ve made some challenging choices in my business life and put in countless hours of effort but, as a result, “The Best Job in The World Winner” is, definitely …… Me!

Have an Awesome Day – I have a beach calling me now ;-)