Power Of Focus In a Successful Network Marketing Business



Building a Network Marketing Business or looking for how to be Successful in Your Home Business – then consider what you are focusing on each day.

Are you looking at the Opportunites or the Difficulties?

My latest video is on the importance of focus in your business (and your life).

As an Entrepreneur you will encounter challenges but it’s how you react to these that will determine your success.

How do you keep your focus in your business? Share your tips in the comments below…..


4 Responses to “Power Of Focus In a Successful Network Marketing Business”
  1. Rachel Hall says:

    Very good Zoe, absolutely the right message.


  2. Very good video!Thanks sometimes I do feel a bit overwhelmed!I still work a full time job besides trying to do online marketing and lose focus a bit.School has started up again so it’s work help with homework dinner dishes easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus.With your help I can stay on track!Thanks Kimberly

  3. Zoe deLuca says:

    Yes Kimberly

    Juggling Motherhood and running a business is a balancing act. I encourage you to structure your time – not just a start time for each activity but importantly a ‘stop time’ too. Makes a huge difference to your productivity and also how much you ‘enjoy’ your business.

    Cheers – Zoe

  4. Zoe deLuca says:

    Thanks Rachel

    Appreciate your feedback.

    Have an awesome day – Zoe

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