MAJOR CHANGE TO FACEBOOK PAGES – “Why Is My Custom Landing Page Tab Not Working on Facebook Page?”



Today (May 21st, 2010) Facebook has had a change of heart on their “Major change to the Customised Tabs on it’s Pages” and reversed their actions that I talk about below.

At this point in time all Facebook Page owners can set up customised tabs on their Facebook Page but I would not be suprised it this changed without warning again.

My advcie is to read my post below, about what happened on Wednesday, and then watch the video about how to work around this.  The information I give on promoting the URL of the customised tab is still 100% applicable even if we are not being ‘forced’ into this being our only option right now.

Always pays to be ‘proactive’ in our marketing efforts.

Any questions let me know – Cheers Zoe


Today (May 19th, 2010) Facebook has made a Major change to the Customised Tabs on it’s Pages.

You can no longer set up a customized welcome tab on your FB Page until you have 10000 fans.

This means that if you have ads running promoting your page to a customised landing tab or ‘Welcome Tab’, the people clicking on your ad will now go straight to your WALL or INFO tab.

I recommend immediately changing your ad to promote your URL of your customised tab rather than your ‘page’ directly, or have a very strong, clear call to action’ on your Wall – especially at the top of your page and/or in your page graphic (picture).

My video explains the change and what you need to do right now in order to stop sending advertising dollars down the drain on Facebook ….

This is a game changer for anybody marketing through a Facebook Page – Watch the video above – RIGHT NOW!

What do you think of the change?  I just have to ask – Why Facebook ?  Why?


9 Responses to “MAJOR CHANGE TO FACEBOOK PAGES – “Why Is My Custom Landing Page Tab Not Working on Facebook Page?””
  1. Pam Brossman says:

    Thanks for the heads-up Zoe this was a fantastic tutorial. Just to let you know we send ads direct from facebook to our seminar website page and we don’t get disapproved. I got disapproved once and when I sent a message explaining I was a reputable company they said sorry our mistake and approved it immediately and I have had no trouble since. Not sure how it works for your niche though. But Sue Smart and Jerry go direct to their landing page as well with no problems. Very good tutorial. Thanks for sharing.
    .-= Pam Brossman´s last blog ..Social Media Woman Launches =-.

  2. Zoe deLuca says:

    Thanks Pam – yes getting Facebook ads approved when you send them directly to a URL is very difficult (think almost impossible) in our industry of network marketing/MLM/Direct sales.

    Sue and Jerry were very lucky to get their ad approved as I know the owner of the wesite their page was modeled off has had numerous ads disapproved. It can be very hit and miss.

    I had an ad approved and then changed just the image in the ad (to a nicer looking one of me – I thought) and Facebook immediately dis-approved it – so go figure?!?!

    Approval rate increases dramatically when you drive traffic directly to a customised Facebook page. Driving traffic to a URL that is still a customised tab on your Facebook page seems the best alternative at this stage in our industry.

  3. Kosala says:

    Oh. It’s not Fair to make or set a limit to make fan page customization. Why FB doing it.. This all bringing business to them after all no?…

    Please don’t do this Facebook…

  4. Jon Ochs says:

    Thanks for laying this out for us.

    Facebook does some very confusing things and is not very concerned with explaining the why or how.

    Jon Ochs´s last [type] ..How To Get Your Posts and Pages In The Search Engines In Minutes- Even With A Brand Spankin New Blog

  5. Zoe deLuca says:

    So true Jon – and although Facebook did an ‘about face’ on this move, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see similar changes in the future.

  6. David Miller says:

    I agree Facebook has made some changes that I have to question the reason why. Why when I add only a few friends a day are you sending me a warning about possibly suspending my account?

    I stopped requesting to add friends several months ago and tried to add one friend the other day and received the notice again.

    David Miller
    David Miller´s last [type] ..How to Add An Aweber Lightbox Form To Your WordPress Blog


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