This is a beautiful airport. We have seen many, but this was impressive. Huge concourses, well laid out, amenities for Kids, adults and shopaholics, all manner of restaurants and shops. The Business Class lounge (Al Mourjan Buisness Lounge)) is, in a word, incredible. Huge in size, two restaurants and nice showers and toilets with plenty of charging points (USB and Multi plug AC outlets, so no adaptors needed) and quiet zones for getting some sleep. Also some cabanas behind one of the restaurants – incredibly quiet and the staff will ask you your flight number so they can wake you for boarding. The level of service is fantastic, staff to passenger ratio is higher than I’ve ever seen anywhere. Must say the only thing missing is the lack of a good viewing area. There is one area you can see part of the runway and watch aircraft come a go, but it’s a far cry from the view at the SYD FLounge. BUT, it is the best Business club I have seen anywhere. I’ll let the following pictures do the rest of the talking.

This is the first time we have flown with QATAR Airways and I have to say I was impressed. The aircraft was a 777-300ER.  J (Business) class was spectacular and the service impeccable. Great menu selection and any amount of nibbles along the way are available upon request. Nothing was too much trouble for any of the crew at any time.  Meal was very nice. Wine selection wasn’t extensive, but what was there was good.  15yr old Glenn Livet wasn’t a bad scotch either. Seats were comfortable and sleeping was easy. Arrival at DOH was a little early and alhtough we were only transiting, we still had to go through security, albeit this was very efficient and 20 mins after disembarking, we were sitting in the club.


J Cabin QATAR 777-300ER


Leg Room – J Cabin – QATAR 777-300ER


J Cabin QATAR 777-300ER Spacing


Sparkling Rose (or BRUT) before take off.


Huge Screens – touch control or remote in seat


Men’s Amenitiy Kit

Ladies Amenity Kit

Sleeping Kit with PJ’s


Lamb Shank Main – Delicious

After spending Christmas morning with the family, we headed for BNE for a late lunch at the QF Buiness Lounge. Aircraft for the flight was an a300-200. Crew were great – flight a little early into PER. Bus trip to Int. terminal was a little longer than expected – walking is definitely not an option. A couple of hours in the QF Lounge at Terminal 1 before next sector.

Christmas Day Traffic BNE

Lunch at BNE Qantas Lounge

ng ready for Flight 2.

As I watched my home town drown in a sea of murky brown water this week, it was impossible not to become emotional. Watching story after story of sadness and hardship emerge has to take its’ toll on anybody that has an affinity with any of the affected areas.

This is not the first time I have seen Brisbane swallowed by water – as a teenager I watched the streets fill with water as they made their way inexorably towards Moreton Bay. This time, however, the enormity and scale of the disaster is much, much greater as 75% of my home state, Queensland, has been affected by flood over the past few weeks.

The feeling of helplessness takes over because, despite all mans’ cleverness and ingenuity, there is nothing you can do to stop the water. Nature will take its’ course and the water moves into streets, buildings, houses and lives. And all of them will never be the same again.

As the water rises, spirits fall. Watching a lifetime of work and possessions literally float away is a devastating event and I am fortunate enough to count myself amongst those who have never had to endure that devastation. However, watching friends and fellow Queenslanders suffer that fate, is heartbreaking. And for those who have lost loved ones as a result of this flood, one can only imagine the sadness they are enduring.

Then the water begins to recede and it is now that human spirit comes to the fore. Queenslanders have a very proud heritage of being resilient, ready to stare adversity in the face, roll up their sleeves and get on with the job at hand. News images today prove that nothing has changed.  As the cleanup starts, strangers suddenly become friends and appear out of thin air to help those that have been affected. Thousands of volunteers have arrived ready to work for no reason other than they want to help those less fortunate than themselves. It is the true definition of altruism – do something for someone else expecting nothing in return.

I am eternally grateful that these floods did no more than inconvenience me. My family, some of whom live in Brisbane, are all safe and dry and our home on the Sunshine Coast had no more than a small amount of water enter the garage. During this week, I have paused to realise how fortunate I really am.

We would like to help all those that have been affected and as such, Zoe is anchoring a live video feed bringing entrepreneurs from around Australia and the world in a training webinar fundraiser – “Returning from Adversity – Flood Relief Fundraiser for Entrepreneurs”. The training is online but the live feed will be anchored in Brisbane, and all proceeds raised will be donated to the Red Cross for distribution to those that need it most. This is a great opportunity to help out and participate in some great training. Go to for details and we look forward to sharing a great day and helping those that have endured so much.