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So Who are Mark and Zoe?

We are Mark and Zoe Wyatt – World Travelers and Online Business Mentors.  We started this website as a couple as, quite frankly, we do just about everything together!

We live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, about an hour’s drive north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. As Business and Life Partners, we work our Business from laptops wherever in the World our travels take us.

Zoe started our business in March 2003. At that time we were struggling to make ends meet after Mark had lost control of his own Company (that he had put 12 years of blood sweat and tears into). It was after Zoe’s initial success that Mark decided he “wanted in” on our ‘Home Business’.

For the first two years our business grew steadily until we were making a residual income of over $5000/mth.  But then things started to change.  Our income leveled out and then started going backwards.  We were recruiting like crazy but our team members couldn’t duplicate what we were doing.  We just kept racking up debts on our credit cards and ended up in financial disaster.

The Market had changed and we needed to change with it.  After lots of trial and error and finally finding Attraction Marketing we have completely transformed our business (and our lives).

Zoe is now focused on harnessing the power of Social Media Marketing to expand our business and train others how to do the same. For more details on using Internet Marketing to grow your business please subscribe to our “Internet Marketing Tip and Tactics” e-newsletter.  The system we use has step by step training tutorials and will work for you regardless of the industry you are in or the type of business model that you are promoting.

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Mark and Zoe Wyatt
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