After the 787 First experience BNE-AUH, I was expecting somewhat of a let down on this leg in an A330, J Class. Whilst the hard product was considerably less comfortable, the service and the food was exceptional. The config is 1-2-1 with the window seats in the herringbone style – one angled inwards and the next angled outwards. I don’t have a problem with this, however, the strange open sided footrest allows your feet to drop off when trying to lie flat. In the case of the outward angled seat, this means your feet can fall into the aisle – not great if you’re trying to sleep. Not a true lie fat bed, but reasonably close to it and cushions were comfortable: this was a daytime flight of 8hrs so no sleep was attempted. USB and power points are available, however positioning makes egress from the inwards facing seat difficult if power leads are plugged in, as you have to step over them to get out into the aisle. Not a great deal of storage space, but room for your phone beside you and space for shoes, under the foot rest. The tray table was one I had not seen before this flight, but it was functional enough albeit difficult to get around whilst deployed.

The food on this flight was excellent Рnice array of choices and some nice wines to go with it. The usual IFE controls and strangely, the list of titles available far exceeded that available on the BNE-AUH flight.  Overall, a very comfortable flight with great service that seems to be the norm for Etihad.