Hi all – I can definitely recommend Etihad’s 787 in First – wonderful trip. 13hrs and we both feel very alert – maybe something to do with the Dreamliners’ internal pressure being set to 6000′. I will break this report into sections for ease of reading,


Only 8 seats in First on this aircraft – 1-2-1 config. 1A/K and 2 A/K (1-2-1 config) are both 3 window seats, and with the 787′s large windows, it’s made for those of us that like “looking out”. 1A/K face backwards, 1D/G face forwards. 2 A/K face forwards and 2 D/G face backwards). The centre seats have tall screens between them that can be lowered for couples travelling together and raised for single travellers wanting privacy. The bathrooms are large with a separate fold down seat/tray to put clothes on if you’re getting changed.  Plenty of storage space – under the ottoman for hand bags and small carry on (reasonably shallow), jackets hang in space in edge of seat capsule.
1A/K has a cupboard next to the bulkhead for carry on; 2A/K has no overhead storage or cupboard – staff store it further back. Side screens simply slide to meet in the middle when you want complete privacy.


There’s a plethora of controls for the seats, lights and IFE. Touch screen and standard buttons for the seat and touch screen  and buttons on the detachable IFE control. You can also send messages and place calls to other seats.  (if there is one criticism of this flight, the movie selection is pretty poor and finding them not intuitive.) However, you can plug your own device into their system (phone, iPad, laptop, and watch your movies on their screen) – I would recommend you do this if movies are your thing. In flight WIFI (provided by T-Mobile) is available FOC as well. Found it very good with quite acceptable upload speeds. There are 2 USB ports for charging phones, an AC outlet (multi plug type) and a small cooler compartment with 2 bottles of water, a Coke and a lemonade as standard.

MENU – Extensive choice here with any time dining and A la carte menus. Chef introduced himself at the beginning of the flight and made recommendations.  I decided on the Tenderloin beef and it was cooked to medium rare perfection. For dessert the cheese platter complimented  the Bordeaux red I was drinking. There is no Breakfast menu: it is made to order. I had poached eggs with hollandaise sauce.No shortage of choice on the drinks menu either – whether alcoholic or not.


Eithad supply very nice pyjamas – soft black material. The top has a short zip rather than button up or just pull over type. The pants are standard draw string type. We found them very comfortable. The amenities kit contained LeLabo toiletries, along with the standard eye patches, ear plugs etc. The male kit also contained a shaving kit: a nice touch.

This one one of the best flights we have experienced – superb service, good seating, nice aircraft. It could be best summed up by the fact we were disappointed by the fact we arrived in Abu Dhabi early.