That headline may suprize many of you that know I how much I love social media marketing – but let me explain…

There is huge difference between professionally and effectively marketing your business on social networking sites and simply posting ads for your business on every piece of social media you can find.

There is a right and wrong way to use Social Media Marketing. Get it ‘wrong’ and you not only risk being banned from Social Media sites but you could actually damage your image and business online.

I had the privilege of being interviewed by  Top Internet Marketer and Business Owner, Charly Leetham, recently about my SocialMediaShortCut course and how to correctly position your business using Social Media Marketing.

You can hear the full interview at the SocialMediaShortCut site here

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • The difference between ADVERTISING and MARKETING in Social Media and why this is so important
  • How to build quality business relationships through Social Media sites without spamming
  • The ONLY way you should be marketing your business on Facebook – Get this wrong and your profile will be deleted without warning!
  • How to build a quality list of contacts through social media marketing that want to receive your information
  • My Top Twitter tips, Tools and Tactics to build your following efficiently and effectively
  • Why Video Marketing is a MUST HAVE if you are serious about your Social Media Marketing and an incredible free training resource to get you started
  • And how you can do all of this in the minimum amount of time.

I encourage you to listen to the call and then sign up for the VIP list at to receive my FREE Social Media Marketing trainings and finally start using Social Media to promote your business – THE RIGHT WAY!