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The trip from Doha to Paris on Qatar Airways was another memorable one. Aircraft was an A340 - not quite as swish as the 777, but service was again impeccable.  A few days in Paris, including New Years Eve at the gorgeous Intercontinental Le Grand.  Incredibly beautiful city - the history just surrounds you. Never enough time here no matter how long you stay. C'est la... [Read More]

Doha Hamad International Airport (DOH)

This is a beautiful airport. We have seen many, but this was impressive. Huge concourses, well laid out, amenities for Kids, adults and shopaholics, all manner of restaurants and shops. The Business Class lounge (Al Mourjan Buisness Lounge)) is, in a word, incredible. Huge in size, two restaurants and nice showers and toilets with plenty of charging points (USB and Multi plug AC outlets, so no adaptors needed) and quiet zones for getting some sleep.... [Read More]

Flight 2 – Perth to Doha

This is the first time we have flown with QATAR Airways and I have to say I was impressed. The aircraft was a 777-300ER.  J (Business) class was spectacular and the service impeccable. Great menu selection and any amount of nibbles along the way are available upon request. Nothing was too much trouble for any of the crew at any time.  Meal was very nice. Wine selection wasn't extensive, but what was there was good. ... [Read More]

The Adventure Begins: Flight 1 – Brisbane to Perth

After spending Christmas morning with the family, we headed for BNE for a late lunch at the QF Buiness Lounge. Aircraft for the flight was an a300-200. Crew were great - flight a little early into PER. Bus trip to Int. terminal was a little longer than expected - walking is definitely not an option. A couple of hours in the QF Lounge at Terminal 1 before next sector. Christmas Day Traffic BNE Lunch at BNE... [Read More]

Where the Internet is Heading…MUST Read for Internet Businesses

Where the Internet is Heading_Internet Businesses If you have an Internet business, or are curious about starting an online business, this Infographic will interest you. You see, it’s important to analyze major trends that are likely to make an impact in the next few years if you're going to stay ahead of the pack in Internet business. Here's an excellent Infographic from the team on Seven Shocking Stats & Trends about the Internet, so you can see what's coming. – Connecting... [Read More]

Online Outsourcing for Work or Building Great Teams

Comparing_Outsourcing_Platforms  If you're looking to do great work or want to build and manage teams of awesome freelancers, the online global outsourcing arena may just be the perfect fit for you. Online global outsourcing is growing at a rapid pace with a projected growth of over 40% for the industry. The biggest platforms are oDesk, Elance and Freelancer. 99designs is really in a different category as it’s a crowdsourcing site more focused on design, whereas the other... [Read More]

What Should Woolworths Do? Alan Jones and Brand Reputation Management on Social Media

Huh-Face If you live in Australia you no doubt have heard about the comments of radio announcer, Alan Jones over the weekend.  You may have also heard that the response of some of the radio programs advertisers could be costing the station more than $80,00 a day in lost advertising revenue. But are you aware of the fall out for one particular advertiser, "Woolworths" due to actions of a staff member at the same meeting and their... [Read More]

Would You Sell to Your Grandchildren?

Wha, wha, what!!?? That may seem like a strange title for a blog post but recently Mark and I were getting ready for a long weekend with family. We live in a beautiful part of the Sunshine Coast in Australia, and quite often, especially on public holidays, family chose to make the most of our great location and visit, as was the case on that long weekend. We decided it was beautiful sunny weather so we would go upstairs... [Read More]

Has Our Olympic Campaign Gone to the Dogs?

Olympics gone to the dogs   You may well think so based on current news reports in Australia. But is there really a silver lining to our silver haul? Or has Australia really developed an attitude of "If it's not gold it's not good enough"? What do you think? Mark pondered this in his latest post on his Wanderings and Wonderings blog that I have copied below: OLYMPIC DREAMING Over the past week, I, like billions of others world-wide, have been watching the... [Read More]

“Right Off Target” How NOT To Do Customer Service

Hmm - Is this Customer Service? The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales have come and gone for another year but in it's wake this year I have been left with not only an empty credit card but an empty mailbox!  Today's events have shown me how crucial customer service is to the success of your social media marketing and in fact your business success in general.  Let me explain..... I'm a sale junkie (ask Mark)!  I'm prepared to plan, research (a... [Read More]
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